White Raven (hunin_munin) wrote in esoteric_space,
White Raven


Tumbling over under, dancing on the edge of a thread, touching my threshold for what I am.
Thoughts pouring through my mind, indisposal, predisposal, indefinite reality of what is. What you can see and touch; is that real? Or, as these are things interpreted through your mind, is the unreality more real? They are all impulses, thrusters of electric springs drawing out then striking back. BAM a memory is born. BAM a reversal of what you knew. BAM a new java script for your interaction with the species you claim relation to. But was this all real, or was it, very possibly, a misinterpretation of your brain; is black really red and cars, donkeys? Are all that we see shadows on the cave walls, or is that a misunderstanding as well?

Are we the shadows, and developing our own view of the world through what we think it should be?

-this brain slop brought to you by insomnia
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